You can find our company video here explaining what we do in 90 seconds



Great to find staff with special skills or in hard-to-reach areas 'Supersearch' 1000's of staff by location, skills, experience, language etc.

Really good when searching for staff by availability too when searching by availability you are only searching staff that have updated thisremember that to search the 'full' database of staff you should exclude searching by availability. You can also search for staff closest to your location as well as other features via our iPhone app and mobile site

How toStaff Search: (99 seconds)

TOP TIP: Remember you can filter the results by Ratings, 'New staff' to the industry/StuckForStaff, or staff that have most recently updated their information.



This feature is one of the most important and useful features on the site. It gives you 'references on demand' for 1000's of staff within the industry.

Great reference tool for filtering new staff or when you are submitting staff to work for an important client.

Staff will request ratings and you can also search for, and rate staff. These will appear on the  Ratings page and require one simple click to rate them.

Remember, strikes require a comment this is only seen by you and the staff member.

How toRatings: (67 seconds)

TOP TIP: Keep your ratings cleansed. If you leave ratings unattended for more than 28 days you will not be able to search for other rated staff.



You can post as many Jobs Board posts as you like there is no cap for premium subscribers and also no additional cost. You will receive all staff applications directly through your email inbox.

These applications will also be backed up on the website visit 'Manage Jobs' on the Job Alerts page and you can click to view all your staff applications.

TOP TIP: Visit your 'Manage Jobs' page and you can CLOSE a job which just stops more staff applying.



Clients approach us for staff we don't work with clients directly so we provide their brief to premium members only to quote/pitch for.

Pitching is simple and straight forward and done direct. Here's our previous  clients.



You can add as many users from your company to the account as you wish - . This is recommended to ensure your account remains secure we advise not to share login details.

Manage users here (must be done by default/main user on the account you are welcome to contact us directly for help with this)



Finally a few key facts:

  • 1000s cleansed and fully searchable staff profiles.

  • The only central database of staff ratings - 'providing you excellence'

  • 'Personal account manager'

  • Amazing customer service (don't take our word for itread more)

We look forward to working with you.