If you are yet to receive work, please view our SIMPLE, but VITAL guidelines below and continue to follow them throughout your subscription.

  • Complete your SFS CV - crucial to make a good first impression.

  • Upload 3 pictures - agencies need to put a face to your name before booking you.

  • Check the Job Board daily - not all jobs are sent via email alerts.

  • Request a Rating - as soon as you complete your first assignment, make sure you get recognition. Agencies love ratings!

Note regarding our service and you: We offer more than the jobs board. Most agencies carry out searches, selecting different criteria linked to your SFS profile. To ensure you appear in their results, always keep your profile up to date and accurate

Note regarding emails: We dont send spam emails! We send jobs (which is why you are here) or reminders of things you should do to get more work from the site

We encourage you to take advantage of these features too:

  • Register with agencies via the Directory - a cheeky head start when applying to jobs

  • Visit the Message Board - great for tips, advice and support from members

  • Read the Guides (£20.00 worth of info) - included is what agencies expect you to know

  • Get the iPhone app - to receive live job alert notifications
  • Use our Mobile Site- when on the move!

If these guidelines are followed throughout your subscription, there is no reason why you will not receive work via the site.