SFS advise all users to keep their SFS CV / SFS Resume up to date and complete at all times.



1. Agencies search for staff (like you), using keywords (brand names, hair colour etc) or by matching skills to the job they require staff for. An incomplete or out-of-date CV / Resume means you may not appear to agencies and wont be contacted.

2. Agencies will automatically receive a copy of your SFS CV/Resume and profile when you apply for jobs. Agencies ALWAYS check your CV/Resume before booking you. Incomplete and out-of-date will again mean you'll get overlooked.

3. Would you go to an interview with a blank or incomplete CV/Resume?

Need we say more...


More Tips:

  • List the brands you have worked for- e.g Coca cola or drink brands…

  • Use bullet points and key words when detailing your experience

If you haven't filled out yours you will already be decreasing your changes of gaining work