StuckForStaff cannot make any changes to ratings so please follow the steps below, should you deem a rating has been issued incorrectly and unfairly.

How to dispute a strike:

  • Contact the Agency/booker – All agency details can be found in the Directory  UK | US

  • Reference the Comment - This can be seen by hovering over the ratings and can be used when communicating the complaint with the Agency.

  • If an Agency/ booker agrees to amend the rating this can be done in any of the following ways:

    Agency SearchAsk the Agency to search for you and make the change

    - Send "Request a Rating"Send another request to the Agency with a note.

  • Once this has been completed the new rating will overwrite the old one. Each agency can only give you one individual rating at any one time.


  • We believe the best approach is to call the agency/ booker when disputing a rating.

  • Always follow- up with an email after your call, outlining what was discussed during the conversation.

  • If a strike can’t be removed we advise you to build your credit and neutral ratings.

  • You can opt out UK US of the rating system all together, which will hide the rating/s already received.