You subscribed to through a WorldPay FuturePay Agreement, which means your subscription is renewed automatically when it expires, and is re-charged to the credit/debit card that you used.


In order to keep you aware of this we:


  • Inform you on screen before ordering

  • Inform you on screen during the ordering process

  • Inform you on screen at confirmation of your order.

  • Provide login details to FuturePay to amend and cancel your subscription

  • Email you details of the agreement immediately after ordering

  • Email you a receipt noting that it is a recurring subscription immediately after ordering

  • Provide details of how to amend/cancel your subscription on the Subscription page of your profile.

  • Email you 2 weeks prior to your payment auto-renewing to inform you and offer cancellation (please check your inbox, deleted and spam folders)

If you do not cancel this agreement, payment will be taken and your SFS account will be renewed. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions and due to fees incurred by StuckForStaff, refunds will not be made after repeat payments have been taken.


To ensure all future payments are cancelled you must cancel your future pay agreement.

To cancel your FuturePay agreement, please follow our simple guidelines below:

  • Click the accounts tab

  • Click the subscription option

  • Click the Cancel FuturePay button

Your expiry date will appear and you will receive confirmation that your agreement has been cancelled via email.