If your subscription to SFS UK is up for automatic renewal and you have been issued a new card, you will need to cancel your current future pay agreement and manually re-subscribe.

Please follow our simple guidelines below.

How to re-subscribe on SFS:

  • Login to your SFS profile

  • Click the Accounts tab

  • Click Subscription

  • If you have not yet cancelled your current future pay, click the “Cancel future pay” button (if this button is not viewable, your agreement has already been cancelled)

  • Select your subscription level by choosing option 1 or 2.

  • Confirm your subscription by clicking the continue button

  • Select your payment method

  • Enter your new card details (if you do not know your Worldpay username and password, skip this section and continue to enter your card details)

You will then be re-directed to SFS where you will have immediate access